To the mom who is rarely in the frame...

I'm still holding space for you.

In the enchanting world of motherhood, every moment is a treasure trove of wonder, both big and small. The journey from carrying a child to nurturing them is a tapestry of experiences, each woven with the threads of love and devotion. As a photographer, I aspire to highlight the magical bond between mothers and their children, celebrating their journey together. 

These sessions are not just photographs but a testament to the divine connection between a mother and her child, a visual ode to your beautiful relationship. The beauty of these photographs lies in their simplicity. It's about capturing the essence of your soul, your love for your children, and your unique journey.

Maybe you enjoy skateboarding with your son or cherish those quiet moments of breastfeeding your little one. Perhaps your toddler and you love spending time at a cozy coffee shop. Whatever your story is, let's capture it in all its glory. These sessions are meant to be relaxed and carefree, a chance to unwind and be yourself with your child. We'll share stories, laughter, and maybe even vent a little. It's time to embrace the spotlight and step into the frame, taking up space and owning your motherhood journey.

Albums have arrived

Select Motherhood and Family sessions now come complete with full physical albums.

These are archival quality which means they're designed to last several lifetimes. Each one is handcrafted from the finest materials using age-old bookmaker’s techniques and the latest in print technologies. They arrive complete with Presentation Boxes Hand-bound in linen and lined with textured Italian paper, and a silk lift-out ribbon for ease of use.

"And his mother treasured up all these things in her heart."

—Luke 2:51