7:30 am

It was a chilly early morning in The Heights when I met up with one of my favorite families outside their restaurant Squable. Since their little girl turned one, I've captured these sweet souls, and knowing them has been such a blessing.  

There is chaos in every session; sometimes, the story you envisioned falls apart. Still, in reality, every movement, facial expression, and tantrum is your story. The details of life can get lost amid perfection; real life is not always standing perfectly still and smiling; most times, it's laughing so hard you can't breathe; other times, it's becoming so frazzled you're lost for words.  

My goal is to create life stories without words, so people can remember exactly how they felt at that moment in time; the little in-between moments piece those stories together; those gentle touches that fade in our memories are the glue that holds our lives together.