Making the most out of your session


In the world of lifestyle photography, neutrals and textures reign supreme; these hues are a match made in heaven for most skin tones, allowing your family connection to be the main focus. Meanwhile, textures lend an air of contrast and depth, evoking a sense of touch that adds allure to the moment.

My style of photography is all about natural light, moody tones, and authentic connection, physically and emotionally. So, I suggest styles that reflect that natural feel and allow you to move freely!


Can you help style us?

Yes! If you desire my input I will be happy to send questions regarding your current style and what you are looking to achieve from your shoot.

From there I will create 3 virtual fashion boards based on your responses.

These will serve as inspiration for you and hopefully help guide you in the right direction when it comes to your session.

I will also link all pieces to make it easier for you to order!

Shoes? Make-up? Jewelry?

The best outdoor shooting locations rarely have solid ground - wear shoes you can move around in or no shoes at all! 

Wear your makeup roughly 20% darker than usual; it will help add depth and contouring, or opt to go all natural, it's okay to let your freckles and natural glow shine through!

Dainty jewelry can add the perfect amount of punch to any outfit. I tend to do close ups, a lot so wearing those meaningful pieces adds more feeling and timeless beauty to your final images.

What about Studio and In-Home?

For in-home, less is more; keep it clean, fresh and comfortable, soft colors and delicate textures work well to keep the focus on your family and less on your apparel.

For Studio you may opt to dress up a little fancier depending on the nature of your session or keep it simple with exciting textures and solid colors.

What should we avoid?

Avoid at all cost:
-Clothing with words, brand labels, cartoons etc.
-Everyone wearing super busy prints
-Baby blue and white (this is a popular choice, but with my non-traditional style of photography it just ends up being very basic)
-Everyone wearing the exact same color with the exception of black (no all white, all blue, all green etc). Instead coordinate colors that complementary, ie: Cognac and Olive.
-Plain white anything. Opt. for cream, or ivory.
-High heels for outdoor sessions
- Anything that restricts movability