This is getting serious...I'm Monica!

Welcome to my world of unscripted beauty.

As a Houston-based photographer, I aim to capture the ethereal glow of natural light, the dreamy essence of fleeting moments, and the raw, unfiltered emotions that make life worth living. My art is not about posed perfection but rather about capturing the essence of your family as you are, in all your uniqueness.

My passion for photography ignited with the birth of my son, a sweet soul who inspired me to preserve every precious moment of his life. As he grew and changed, so did my art, which led me to name my business after him as a constant reminder of my roots and the joy that fuels my craft.

When I'm not behind the lens, I savor life's simple pleasures, like beach days, sipping coffee, indulging in good food, and reveling in all types of early 2000s music. I'm also a lover of poetry and a health enthusiast, though I'll admit to sneaking in some guilty pleasures like Taco Bell every now and then (balance is key!).

So, join me on this journey of honoring your momentos, where we'll create an experience that is stress-free, authentic, and filled with big moments and even bigger memories.

Many Blessings,

-Your Future Photographer