Oh hey, that's me!

I'm Monica!

I am a Houston-based lifestyle Photographer who focuses on unscripted beauty.

I sprinkle all of my images with a bit of cinnamon for that warmth, and I am a huge fan of glowy light and images that feel a bit dreamy. Close-ups of those genuine laughs, tight hugs, and intimate details warm my heart. Your session with me will be more of an experience that does not rely heavily on posing and is more focused on capturing you and your family as-is so that you can relax with me, and we can take our time without the pressure. One of my greatest accomplishments in life has been becoming a mother to a beautiful little soul who is not only kind but strong. His existence inspired me to start taking photos. The idea of forgetting those little moments of his life over time with age and busyness was something I couldn't bare, so I made the decision to document, document, document. My son has been my entire inspiration behind photography, and I named my business after him, so I never forget why I started.

I love beach days, coffee, good food, spending time with family, listening to RnB from the 90s and 2000s, and am a huge lover of poetry. I have days where I am a huge health nut but you may catch me eating taco bell alone in the car (balance), you just never know, anyway, I hope we can get together and create some big memories together soon! :)

Many Blessings,

-Your Future Photographer