Year One

For most of us, home is where we feel the safest, comforted, and loved, so it only made the most sense for Mile's parents to want to document his first trip around the sun in the place where he has spent all of his days... at home. This session was honestly the first time I had parents reach out to me to do a birthday session at home, and it made me look at the way we document and celebrate life differently.  

I arrived at their home at the end of Mile's nap, and to his surprise, he awoke with a massive camera in his face; he didn't cry but was more curious than anything else. Grandma was there to feed him and change his clothes; he played; mom and dad took turns engaging with him. Then it was snack time; we spent some time outside, then bath time.  

It was a very typical day for Miles, precisely what the family wanted to document. These days with babies seem long, but in reality, they are some of the shortest days we will have with our children. This family gets to look back at their son when he was almost one year old and see what their lives looked like back then. What he enjoyed the most, who filled his days with joy, and what his personality was like; there are so many gems in this Saturday afternoon, babies don't keep, but the images and experiences do.